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Hi my name is Sara Baxter. I am a qualified teacher and RTT Rapid Transformational Therapist. 

I have always been interested in the why behind the what. This deep curiosity led me to studying the history and practices of other cultures. I want to know how we can all get on better with other people; to form better connections. We are all looking for love right? 
My curiosity led me down the usual paths of astrology, creative visualisation; the study of religions and travel. In 1990 I started my own life coaching practice in Camden. I then took my practice to Israel and enjoyed much success leading mediation and creative visualisation workshops. Wanting to understand more of this physical world in which we inhabit, I was lucky enough to study at the prestigious SOAS, University of London, gaining my degree in comparative religion in 2002. As I was by this time a single parent, I entered the teaching profession, teaching RE as Head of Department. 
Once my daughter was old enough to stand on her own two feet, I left the teaching profession to go further into looking into this way of life.  
I studied for an MA in Theology whilst working as a trainer in customer services. Whilst I was enjoying a very comfortable life, I still had many questions (and still do!) and mental blocks and patterns of life that I could not seem to shake off. One of these was my weight. I had gained 3 stones in weight since menopause.I felt heavy physically and emotionally. A certain diet worked but after having come off this diet, all the weight (and a few extra pounds more) all came back. 
My 9 to 5 job and the long days took their toll on my emotional well being. I realised I could not go on like this. I knew there was more to life. It was then that I found RTT® in October, 202, I found, to my delight that as I uncovered the beliefs I had gotten in my younger days and released them and as I listened to my transformation audios, the weight went, my food choices changes, my health returned. To date I have shed 31 pounds of excess weight! 
What I have discovered is that we need to love and understand ourselves. This is why I was so thrilled to discover Rapid Transformational Therapy. It holds the key to unlocking your own darkest desires; why you have them, and more importantly, why you don’t need them anymore and how to let them go to let in light and all that brings. 
I graduated as a an RTT® Therapist in September 2023 and am so excited to be able to offer this opportunity of transformation to those seeking to reframe and reform from within. 
Change is possible. 
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