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Our bespoke therapy sessions are designed to fit your unique journey towards well-being, with options tailored to the depth and breadth of support you desire. 

RTT® Single Session: Unlock the Door to Change 

For those seeking a targeted approach to specific challenges like phobias or habits such as fear of flying or stopping smoking, our RTT® Single Session offers a powerful introduction to the potential of Rapid Transformational Therapy. This package not only includes a comprehensive RTT® session and a personalised transformational recording but also provides dedicated follow-up support with two 7-day phone check-ins and a conclusive call on day 22 to ensure lasting change. 

What's Included? 

1 x in-depth intake session 
1 x full RTT® session and transformational recording 
2 x 7 day phone check-ins 
1 x final call on day 22. 
Package Price - POA 

RTT® Three Session Package: Embark on a Comprehensive Journey 

Dive deeper into your transformation with our most thorough offering: the RTT® Three Session Package. Ideal for addressing complex, multi-layered issues such as menopause symptoms, weight management, anxiety, and self-esteem, this package guides you over three months through a series of RTT® sessions. Each session builds on the last, with continuous support, to help uncover and address evolving layers of your experience. With regular check-ins and transformational recordings after each session, you're equipped with the tools and understanding needed for sustained self-improvement and joy. 

What's Included? 

This package comprises an in-depth intake discussion, a full RTT® session and a transformational recording. The recording is to be listened to for at least 21 days. A 7 day phone check in each week, 
The second session takes place on or around day 22. Progress is discussed and any new issues which have become apparent during the course of the previous 21 days. A second full RTT® session and a transformational recording is again done which is to be listened to for a further 21 days. A 7 day phone check in each wee 
The third and final session comprises of an over view of the previous two months and focuses on progress made and new goals to be achieved. A final RTT® session and a transformational recording. 
Package Price - POA 
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