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How Does RTT Work? 

RTT® causes deep understanding by accessing the subconscious mind to find out the root cause of an issue instead of treating the symptom. This is why RTT® has such a significant impact; it addresses issues from the core for life-changing benefits. 
All RTT® professionals are trained to use a varying toolkit to enable communication with the subconscious where these blocks reside. Once an issue is understood, it can be reframed and new positive beliefs recoded and rewired for success. 

What Are The Effects of RTT®? 

RTT® offers a comprehensive range of transformational techniques, including ways to access the body’s innate ability to heal and restore itself to wellness from a cellular level. There is now scientific evidence in place to show that the brain retains its plasticity; its ability to change. It is now recognised that we are able to create new neural pathways, new patterns of thinking. It is widely known how powerful the mind is, we all know that if we expect something to happen, usually negatively, it tends to happen! 
RTT® accesses the subconscious mind, and creates new neural pathways thereby getting rid of old blocks and thought processes which no longer serve you. New neural pathways are then created using powerful and empowering new beliefs which in turn create new positive outcomes. 

How Is RTT® Different to Traditional Hypnotherapy? 

RTT® differs from traditional hypnotherapy, as it underpins positive reinforcement. This underpinning is achieved by getting to the root cause of unhelpful beliefs and when and how these unhelpful beliefs were formed. 
The key and unique factor of RTT® is that it uses the scientific principles of neuroplasticity to wire in new positive beliefs thus creating new neural pathways in the brain. The tools and techniques which form RTT® as a distinctive therapeutic approach are not purely theoretical. They were developed by renowned therapist and bestselling author Marisa Peer over the course of her 30-year career. 

What Is The Difference Between RTT® and NLP? 

RTT® may appear to resemble neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Whilst NLP and RTT® train you toconverse with your mind in a positive way and further help you make the connections with what your conscious mind believes and see how your subconscious mind might be believing something else completely. RTT® is different in that it enables access to the subconscious mind and identifies the deeply rooted subconscious beliefs holding you back. These blocks are then rewired by firing in new positive self talk which in turn creates changed behaviours.This is why RTT® can give the results which are not available with other modalities. 
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